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Burt's Bees Beeswax and Honey Lip Balm (4 Pack)
RUB 1,861.00
= RUB 941.00 + RUB 920.00
Availability: В наличии Product status: New
Предложения обновлены 10/18/2021
Maintain soft, supple and smoochable lips with this four-pack of Burt’s Bees iconic chapsticks. Infused with responsibly-sourced natural ingredients, the moisturising lip-care set comfort dry chapped lips and shield them from the elements to keep them smooth and plump. The Set Contains: Beeswax Lip Balm (2 x 4.25g) Protect your precious pout throughout the seasons with the original chapstick recipe from Burt’s Bees. This lip reviver promises to restore and maintain a hard-working mush! The formula contains a faint mentholated scent from cooling Peppermint, while Vitamin E offers antioxidant protection against the elements. Impressive amounts of Coconut, Beeswax and Sunflower oils help the buttery balm glide smoothly over lips for a lustrous finish. Honey Lip Balm (2 x 4.25g) Get naturally soft, healthy lips with this natural lip balm in a tube. This formula also effectively moisturises lips with ingredients like ultra-emollient Lanolin, Coconut and Sunflower Oils, and seals in hydration with beeswax. Use on chapped, dry lips for instant moisture and a softening effect, or on healthy lips for a little peppermint tingle. Beeswax is a natural emulsifier used in cosmetics, and where better to apply this softening and calming ingredient than on your sore, cracked lips? Protect and seal them for a truly kissable pout.
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